About Us

Quality Media Station: From Idea To Reality

Quality Media Station (QMS) is a new media center established in November 2015 at the Faculty of organizational sciences, during the TEMPUS project ''Enhancement of Quality Infrastructure in Western Balkans'' (EQIWBC). At the University of Belgrade, this complex project was coordinated by the Quality Management and Standardization Department personnel, who shared the leadership and transferred part of the managerial responsibilities regarding new media center to the most prominent students.

Our media center has a strategic goal to support the development of Quality Infrastructure in Serbia, as well as in the whole region, in both informational and organizational manner, and to promote Quality Management and Standardization as a profession in educational, business, governmental and other surroundings, along with the public media in general. Operationally, we aim at covering any event or activity that may contribute to the achievement of our strategic goal – firstly, within the Faculty of organizational sciences, but also in wider contexts and environments.

During time, a part of Quality Media Station has evolved into a new, very important student organization whose members are students, not only of Quality Management and Standardization, but also from other study groups at our Faculty.